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IICRC Fire and Smoke Restoration Courses

iicrc fire and smoke restoration

IICRC fire and smoke restoration courses include hands-on work and include practical knowledge on the restoration of affected properties. Students will learn different restoration techniques, including cleaning, deodorising and structural damage restoration. They will also learn how to deal with soot residue and the different types of damage caused by fire.


The IICRC Fire and Smoke Restoration Course offers hands-on training and a pathway to IICRC certification. The course includes topics relating to safety, fire and smoke classifications, structural damage, deodorisation and restoration equipment. It also covers how to properly estimate and manage projects. The course is three days long and requires 21 hours of classroom instruction. It includes breaks and lunch.

In the course, students will learn “How to” methods for fire damage restoration, including dealing with the insurance industry. They will also learn about fire restoration, deodorization, cleaning supplies and scope and estimating. Finally, they will explore emergency service and marketing. In addition, the course covers how to communicate with insurance adjusters and how to best market your services to them.

Regardless of the method you choose to use to clean up a fire or smoke, the IICRC Fire and Smoke Restoration Course will provide you with the essential knowledge to provide quality work for your clients. You’ll also learn how to deal with odors, which can be caused by biological, combustion, or chemical sources. The course includes an optional two-hour exam, which you can take to obtain internationally recognized certification.


Fire and smoke restoration is a specialized field requiring specialized training. You can gain certification as a fire restoration technician by completing an IICRC Fire and Smoke Restoration Technician course. The training course includes a hands-on component that focuses on cleaning and repairing structures and contents after a fire. It also covers fire science and behavior, and how to recognize salvageable materials.

Certification is granted by the IICRC, which is an organization dedicated to recognizing and encouraging professional standards. It also provides continuing education for those in the industry. Today, consumers demand professionals with the proper education and training to ensure a safe and thorough job. As such, fire and smoke restoration training has grown in popularity.

The IICRC certification process is rigorous. To obtain certification, a fire and smoke restoration company must meet specific standards. This helps to ensure that the company has the best technicians in the industry. In addition, IICRC certified companies adhere to a strict code of ethics.


Fire and smoke restoration professionals are trained to assess and repair the damage caused by a fire or smoke event. They also know how to safely work on a job site. The cost of IICRC fire and smoke restoration services depends on the size and scope of the property, and the type of damage caused. The restoration cost per square foot ranges from $4 to $6.59, so a small one-bedroom home may cost between $4,000 and $6,500. A larger property may cost anywhere from $16,000 to $26,000.

Fire and smoke restoration companies offer a variety of fire restoration services, including water removal, structural drying, soot removal, and odor removal. They also treat the contents of a building, including furniture, drapes, clothing, and appliances. The cost of fire and smoke restoration is also dependent on the type of fire extinguisher used to fight the fire. Using chemical extinguishers may result in toxic residues, which can be expensive to remove and remediate.

After a fire, it is important to contact a professional company immediately, and the cost of fire damage restoration can double or triple if you try to repair the damages yourself. The 24-48 hour window is known as the “golden time” for fire damage restoration and preventing secondary damage.

Course instructor

An IICRC Fire and Smoke Restoration Course provides the knowledge and training needed to become a successful fire restoration professional. It also leads to IICRC accreditation. The course covers several aspects of fire and smoke restoration, including the techniques used to clean up the resulting damage. It also covers topics such as the chemical and equipment requirements for fire-damaged property, as well as determining the scope of the job.

Instructors for the IICRC courses are IICRC-certified professionals with extensive industry experience. They also hold various training certifications in the cleaning and restoration of flood and fire-damaged buildings.

Whether you are starting out as a fire and smoke restoration technician or are already completing fire and smoke damage restoration jobs, an IICRC Fire and Smoke Restoration Course will teach you the best practices of the trade. It will also teach you how to estimate a project properly.